For breeding the best is just good enough!

The goal of my semenbank is to provide semen from healthy and successful stud dogs regardless of time and location. The breeding value of a stud dog is very often growing with age. Quite frequently the fertility is already reduced because of age when the breeder come to freeze semen for the first time. Ideally, freezing should be arranged when the stud dog is in his best age. The semenbank gives you the possibility to store semen over many, many years even exceeding the dog’s livespan.

The declining genepool is a problem in many breed clubs. The number of reproducing dogs is too low and inbreeding is increasingly becoming a problem. This causes difficulty for breeders selecting a suitable stud dog and a lot of travelling is needed. Quite frequently bitches are getting flown to the stud dogs.

It is easier, saver and better for the animals to just send the semen: fresh, chilled or frozen.

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