Portrait Dr. Carola Möhrke
Dr. Carola Möhrke
Since 1954 my family is successfully breeding Foxterrier under the prefix Kennel "v. d. Bismarckquelle". Consequently my childhood was mainly influenced by dogs and when I was six years old I decided to become a vet. My main interest has always been canine breeding and reproduction. As soon as I had entered the Veterinary University in Hannover I got in touch with Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Günzel-Apel, the leading vet in Germany developing canine gynaecological and andrological investigation.

After my Approbation 1996 I started my thesis in the institute of reproduction about the topic "Dopplerultrasound of the testes and the prostate in the dog". During this period 1996 - 1999 I worked with Prof. Dr. Günzel-Apel and was able to learn about freezing semen and artificial insemination.

At my own practice (since 1997)< I established my personal specification "Reproduction" alongside working as a small animal general practitioner . My goal is to help dog and cat breeders with all their questions and problems, for example investigations of the cycle, determination of the timing of breeding, pregnancy tests with ultrasound, problems around the birth and with the newborne.
In 2001 my husband joined me in our veterinary practice (www.praxis-am-dorney.de) and now we can offer almost every investigation like HD, ED, Spondylose xray, luxating patella and PKD as well as HCM investigation in cats.

Breeding dogs and cats is a complex and difficult topic and we aim to help breeders wherever we can and answer all their questions.

I am member in the BPT (Bundesverband praktischer Tierärzte) and the EVSSAR (European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction) and regularly visit congresses mainly in reproduction.
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